Why Use Munivestor?

In 2008, the global credit markets took a hit — and a critical lack of information sent municipal bond investors scrambling to minimize risk and avoid default.

It’s time to get more informed.

Munivestor combines all the bond data you need with what’s happening around the globe, so you can make informed decisions at important moments.

You can’t control the market — but you can have complete oversight of your portfolio with Munivestor.

Our Value

How many websites do you visit daily in order to Manage your portfolio? Monitor new investment opportunities? Maintain compliance?

Don’t spend your day tracking down data. Let Munivestor bring it right to you.

Inside Munivestor, you’ll browse financial and economic data from trusted sources, scan today’s headlines, and discover new potential investments.

Where does all the data come from? The same sites you visit one-by-one, every day — only now, the data comes to you.

How it Works



  • See all of your investments at a glance
  • Get weekly email updates regarding your portfolio
  • Grasp fiscal data quickly with intuitive visuals


  • Browse municipal profiles
  • Read relevant news and market information
  • Use our proprietary analytics to make smart decisions


  • Generate regulatory compliance reports
  • Access key metrics with our data-rich dashboard
  • Rely on a single site for all the information you need